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I remember when I began to actively work with data as a tool for communication. It was in the early 2000s, and I helped launch an initiative to publish and visualize local data about the well being of children in California.

We were a family with young kids, living in a town for which extensive data were available. What could be easier, I thought? Facts were readily available, and I had connections to new parents like me, who surely would be motivated not only to pay attention to these data, but to act on them by advocating for improvements in local conditions.

I learned over the years, however, that just having compelling, local data was not enough to activate community change. 

This experience has stuck with me, and I established Hillcrest Advisory to help enterprises working to achieve social impact build up their capacity to communicate with data. My aim is simple: To ensure that social sector organizations are effective communicators of data, leveraging numbers and stories to make a compelling case to audiences they want to reach.

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