U.S. Data Sources

This regularly updated catalog is compiled from a survey sent to roughly 100 individuals, asking them what data resources they turn to when they need publicly available data for local community work.  

The listing originally was created for communities participating in the California Accountable Communities for Health Initiative.

Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System (BRFSS)
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
This survey collects data about health-related risk behaviors, chronic health conditions, and use of preventative services. The 500 cities project, which is sponsored by the CDC and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, provides Census tract-level estimates derived from BRFSS for 500 cities, including about 120 cities in California.

Broadband & Health (Connect2Health)
Search for a county in the U.S. to obtain data on that county’s broadband access rate, along with comparisons to a number of health measures.

CARES Engagement Network
University of Missouri Center for Applied Research and Engagement Systems
A mapping platform that offers thousands of data layers, as well as a report builder for those who need to prepare community health needs assessments.

CDC Data
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
In addition to the BRFSS data noted above, this data catalog provides access to other publicly available data from the CDC. Among the CDC’s offerings, the CDC Wonder data query tool is one frequently used resource.

Census Bureau (American FactFinder)
US Census Bureau
A compilation of data from a variety of US Census surveys, including the American Community Survey.

If you need information or ideas about how to utilize these data and transform facts drawn from these sites into action, or if you know of additional resources, please reach out.

City Health Dashboard
New York University and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation
Economic, health, and environmental data by city and Census tract are available for the 500 largest cities in the country, including roughly 120 cities in California.

Community Commons
Institute for People, Place, and Possibility
Access to wide-ranging, community-level data and mapping tools for locations across the U.S.

County Health Rankings and Road Maps
University of Wisconsin and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation
Data and rankings for all counties in the US on health-specific measures, as well as on indicators that influence health.

U.S. Government
The open data portal for the U.S. government, linking to datasets across federal agencies.

Data USA
Deloitte, Datawheel
Demographic, health, housing, and other data are available for locations — including counties and cities — across the US. Users also can compare two locations across multiple measures.

Brandeis University
Hundreds of measures of child well being, broken down by county and metropolitan area. Data also are available for roughly a dozen large cities and school districts in California.

Food Insecurity
Feeding America
County-level data about food insecurity rates, meal costs, and nutrition program eligibility.

IHME (Institute of Health Metrics and Evaluation, University of Washington)
PDF data reports are available for counties across the country, and include data on life expectancy, mortality rates (by condition), and disease prevalence.

Kids Count
The Annie E. Casey Foundation
This national resource offers child-related data for California’s largest cities.

Life Expectancy Data (USALEEP)
National Center for Health Statistics, the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, and the National Association for Public Health Statistics and Information Systems
Newly released Census tract-level life expectancy data.

Livability Index
An index that scores neighborhoods and communities for services and amenities that impact individuals’ lives, including housing, transportation, civic engagement, and the environment.

National Equity Atlas
PolicyLink and the USC Program for Environmental and Regional Equity
City and regional data on changing demographics, racial inclusion, and the economic benefits of equity.

Opportunity360 (Measures of Pathways to Local Opportunities)
Type in an address, and get a 20-page Census tract-level report with detailed data on housing stability, education, health and well being, economic security, and mobility/transportation. Data are compared to your local region, the state, and the nation.

A mapping tool that provides data on hundreds of measures for locations across the US. Access to some data and website features requires a paid subscription.

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