New Course – From Spreadsheet to Story: A Guide to Communicating Health Data

The ability to tell a story with data is more important that ever, and in the data-rich field of healthcare, it has only become more essential. From health care providers to public health and government officials, data literacy is a skill that can create new value for you and your organization. This George Washington University continuing education class, taught by Hillcrest Advisory’s Andy Krackov and designed with Innovation Horizons, teaches participants the fundamentals of data storytelling.

Accredited by the American Public Health Association, class participants will build out their own data story using data customized to locations of their choosing, and the course will also provide a toolkit of resources to help participants integrate learnings from this class into their professional work. The course consists of five modules: 

  • Module One: A Conversation With Susan Dentzer
  • Module Two: The Basics Of Visualization
  • Module Three: Finding The Right Presentation Format
  • Module Four: Lessons Learned In Communicating Data Effectively
  • Module Five: Layering In The Story

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See Video Examples from Each Module

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