Hillcrest Advisory

Transforming Data into Impact Through Data Storytelling

By focusing on the communication of data, Hillcrest Advisory enables organizations to put their issues on the public agenda; educate key constituents; inspire their audiences to take a stand (e.g. join a cause or donate); and strengthen community collaboration.

Transforming facts into actionable information that can activate an agenda requires an array of skills, from creating compelling graphs to developing crisp messaging to implementing an outreach plan. I found this out the hard way when I began to work with data as a tool for communication. It was in the early 2000s, and I helped launch a groundbreaking initiative to publish data about child well being.

At the time, I had young kids, and was living in a town for which extensive children’s data were available. It seemed like it would be easy work to get community members to care. Facts were readily available, and I had connections to new parents like me, who surely would be motivated to act on the data – for example, to advocate for more resources in schools, based on needs identified through the data.

Andy Krackov

I learned over the years, however, that just having compelling, local data was not enough to realize change, and I established Hillcrest Advisory to help organizations achieve impact by strengthening their capacity to communicate with data.

My aim is simple: To ensure that Hillcrest Advisory’s clients are effective communicators of data, leveraging numbers and stories to make a compelling case to constituents. Contact me if you would like to discuss a project. And you can sign up for my quarterly e-mail newsletter.