Tips for Communicating Data About COVID-19

Here’s a compilation of resources related to data visualization and the COVID-19 outbreak. The offerings include tables and charts available for use by local health departments.

Why We Need Less Data and More Story in the Evidence We Present

It’s (understandably) challenging for researchers to communicate with stories + data. Here are some ideas on what we can do to help address this…

Video Series: Lessons Learned in Communicating Persuasively with Data

Here’s a series of videos on lessons learned in communicating data for impact that covers what is data storytelling; designing data presentations for face-to-face outreach; how to make data visualizations relatable to your audiences, and other topics.

10 Recommendations for Improving Data Communication about the Opioid Epidemic

Opioid data dashboards and visualizations can potentially improve our understanding of the opioid epidemic and promote evidence-based decision making, but we need to thoughtful about how we create visualizations on opioid misuse to achieve our goals.

What Yields Results? Data or Stories? Or Is it Both Combined?

Here’s a compilation of some amazing local data display projects taking place all over the globe, from New York City to Peru to Nigeria. What is the secret to creating visualizations that have a tangible, in-the-trenches, local impact? See what data practitioners around the globe have to say on this subject.